Heart Centered Horse Inspired

What, exactly, is equine facilitation?

Discover Yourself Through Horses is a fun and unique program of equine unmounted experiences where you will be compassionately guided to move into the present moment, opening your awareness to yourself and to the magic that is all around us in every moment.


We are located in beautiful Meridian, Idaho surrounded by the Boise foothills. You can email me to arrange an exploratory call or set up a farm visit.

Meet Peggy Hollister, MBA, CTA, EF Facilitator

I am a certified life coach through the Coach Training Alliance as well as licensed in Equine Facilitation through Touched By A Horse. I have been trained to listen, observe and adapt my approach to individual client needs.

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My Services

You will have a ton of fun and will never forget what a thousand pound horse can show you about yourself.

I am a life coach certified through the coach training alliance. I am licensed in Equine Facilitation by Touched by a Horse. I am also certified in yoga-fit and Body Flow and taught classes for over twenty years. I am intuitive and while these insights are usually right on the mark, nothing compares to the intuitive knowing of the horse. They are natural healers and their gift to humanity is in patiently guiding us to our authentic selves and to our heart desires.

Family Sessions

Learn how to communicate better and be more self aware and compassionate through the lessons of the horse.

Mindfulness and Yoga with the Horses

In this mindfulness mini-retreat you will unplug from daily stresses and your to do list and lean into being versus doing. You will be guided by our equine partners to be grounded and calm with an open heart.

HomeSchool Students

You know how teaching your home school student subjects like leadership, teamwork and communication can be challenging? My horses and I provide an engaged, fun and powerful group opportunity for your students to learn and practice these skills.

The horses and I invite you to bring your family, team, and students to the farm and play with us for an inspirational and unforgettable time of growth and learning.

Business & Off-Site Team Building

Bring your team to discover how to set goals, overcome distractions, improve communication, and create more effective team members and leaders in your organization. Experiences will be personalized to the company goals and outcomes desired.

Why Us?

My focus is on helping people to grow in self-awareness while developing skills in teambuilding, leadership and communication. Client safety is a priority and you will never forget what a thousand pound gentle giant will teach you about yourself







What Our Client’s Say

“As I sat outside the round pen observing Soono, this is what I learned: To trust myself just as I am.”

— Margaret

Soono came over to me and sniffed at my midsection. I have been having trouble with arthritis and inflammation. As I thought more about this I realized that I had to change my diet. Soono knew and subtlety nudged me to the answer.

— Sunny

“Peggy knows her stuff. She will guide you to just where you need to go to gain insight and understanding.”

— Kim

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We are located in Meridian, Idaho.


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